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Quality guaranteed:

We review quality at regular intervals and at the time of receipt. We make commitments and we fully understand and believe we can meet, Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

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We Find solutions
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Algee Technologies Limited is 100% Kenyan owned with a team operating from the CBD-Nairobi.We ensure that we deliver top notch business IT solutions

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Our Business Approach


Customer Focus

We ensure that Quality of our products is reviewed at regular intervals and at the time of receipt. Which in turn ensures that customer requirements are not determined but met, thus maintaining customer satisfaction.



We offload cost incurred in running an institution.The main point for outsourcing services/products is to get the best possible technology and skill at the lowest cost possible.


Quality Assuarance

Our Quality Assurance is based on the business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, and suggestions. We have instituted processes that enable a smooth transition to new consumables, thus enabling continuous process improvement.


Check out the services we provide in depth:


Branding Promotional Material

Branding is all about reaching the desired exposure to the targeted audience while building a positive perception and a professional image about your business that triggers specific emotions encouraging potential customers to prefer your business over competitors


ICT Outsourcing

We deliver full ICT outsourcing services using best practices, allowing us to readily identify and overcome real business challenges

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